Reverse Expo

Monday, October 17th
8:00 – 11:00 am

What is a Reverse Expo?

As the name suggests, the OR Manager Conference Reverse Expo flips the traditional expo format – the vendors come to you for one-on-one meetings! We understand your time at the conference is valuable, and you need to make the most of your time on the Exhibit Hall floor finding the suppliers that fulfill your needs.

If you seek specific products and services for your facility, the Reverse Expo is the perfect solution to maximize your time on the Exhibit Hall floor by allowing you to swiftly determine whether the vendor is the right fit. Since these meetings occur before the Exhibit Hall opens for all attendees, it provides you a dedicated time to ask questions that might otherwise be more difficult while others travel across the show floor.

On a scale of 1-10, last year’s Reverse Expo participants rated their experience a 9!

How does the Reverse Expo work?

We will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire prior to the conference regarding purchasing needs, budget allowances, etc., and leverage intelligent software to match you with 10-12 suppliers. Matches are mutually beneficial, and based on profiles and buyer/supplier preferences.

Prior to the conference, you will receive a schedule of your meetings. The meetings will take place in the morning on Monday, October 17, in a controlled environment before the Exhibit Hall opens that evening.

The 8-minute “speed dating for business” style meetings are face-to-face, and save hours of time that would normally be spent in Zoom meetings or demonstrations during the workweek.

Who can participate in the Reverse Expo?

Buyers must be qualified to participate in the Reverse Expo. To qualify, a buyer must play a role in the purchasing process. To express interest in participating, fill out this brief form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Why join the Reverse Expo?

These meetings will bring together buyers and suppliers in a relaxed conversation outside the show floor for face-to-face connections and conversations. The Reverse Expo works because its mutually beneficial, and saves hours of time that would normally be spent communicating via emails or virtual meetings!

Are there perks of participating?

Yes! All buyers will be incentivized with Amazon Gift Cards! Each attendee will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card for completing each meeting on time. Those participants who take 10 or more meetings will receive a bonus $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Are you a Buyer interested in participating?

Register now and confirm your interest in the Reverse Expo by clicking here. You will be contacted shortly if you qualify.

Questions? Reach out to Lindsay Botts, Marketing Manager for any questions.

Interested in participating as a Supplier? (Sold Out for 2022)

Contact Nancy Iannotta, Sales Representative, today to get in on the action!